Best Mobile Ad Networks / Monetization

Here are a few mobile ad networks that I have used previously to monetize my iOS & Android applications.


Admob is owned by Google. They have the highest fill rates. They support iOS & Android. Have multiple ad formats including Native, Interstitial, Rewarded Video and Banner.


Mopub is owned by Twitter. It's an Ad server that helps you monetize your apps via it's marketplace and mediation platform. They support multiple ad formats including Interstitial, Native, banner, and rewarded video ads.


Chartboost is a mobile game discovery and monetization platform. They have cross promotion, direct deal market place and a game ad network to monetize your Android & iOS games. They focus mainly on Interstitial and Video ads.


Applovin is a marketing platform with advance optimization algorithm to monetize your apps. They support all major ad formats including Interstitial, banner, video, and native ads.


Kiiip allows developers to create a new revenue stream by rewarding users with rewardable moments. Every time a user redeems a reward the developer earn some revenue.


Adcolony is leading mobile ad network that focuses on video and rewarded video ads. They monetize Android & iOS apps. They work with some top developers such Shazam, Pocket Gems, and Wooga.


Mobfox is an ad server that helps you monetize with their smart mediation platform and exchange. They monetize Android & iOS apps. You can integrate their SDK within 5 minutes. is a virtual currency monetization platform. They help keep your apps / games freemium. Monetize your users by rewarding them to do tasks.


Appodeal is an intelligent app monetization platform. They allow you to earn top dollars from every premium ad network by using their proprietary technology to display the right ad from the right ad network.

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